2021 has ended and the first days of the new year are always a good time to reflect on what has been achieved during the past twelve months.

From our end, we have been lucky enough to meet and discuss the latest topics in innovation with some of the leading stakeholders in the field. To celebrate the closing of the year, we have decided to regroup by themes all the Mind the Chats we have produced in 2021 (and for a sneak peek of what’s hot and what’s not in corporate innovation, have a look here).

For one thing is sure: in the world we live in, “Nothing is crystallised, everything is always evolving” – and this applies even more to the field of innovation. But our belief is that by having a look at what pioneers and leaders have done in the past – their insights, best practices and best mistakes – we might grasp what the future has in hold for us, and how we can best navigate it.

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