Here we are.
Starting today, we’ll post a series of blogposts to introduce our awesome MTB Winter 2013 startups.

Why don’t start with some fun? Here’s the story of our most playful startup, Bad Seed Entertainment!

Bad Seed was created less than six months ago in Estonia, a little frozen and incredibly growing country in northern Europe. Since January, their CEO (Jacopo) moved to San Francisco and they have an office in Italy too. Quite a global company, isn’t it?! But the real question is: how did a bunch of Italians end up there at first? How did they make their way to Silicon Valley?

Let’s start from the beginning…

Most of this incredibly talented team worked together for years at Ubisoft on some of the most famous console titles. It was an extraordinary experience for them, but the desire to create something never seen before and to explore new game platforms has always been in the founders’ minds.

The Seed was there, it was just looking for the best spring to be sowed.

It happened that the perfect field was no less than the first European accelerator program for gaming startups only, GameFounders. Without even being a real company, a whole team of 8 visionary Italians moved to Tallinn for 3 months. They lived all together in a hostel room, shared beers, potatoes, passions and dreams with some of the most important game industry veterans. Most of all, they worked hard to create at best their first amazing game, Sheep up!

But their journey was far to be over…

Once back at home (?) they moved their HQs inside Talent Garden in Milan, one of the coolest co-working spaces in Italy. While the team is working from Milan, in January their CEO was “sheepped”  to take part to the first batch of the Mind the Bridge Accelerator program and spread the Seed in San Francisco. That’s when Bad Seed Inc. was created. But Jacopo was suffering of loneliness, so Bad Seed participated to and won the Wind Business Factor competition. Thanks to that, Gianluca, 3D Artist, came to this side of the world.

Even if most of the team is still based in Italy, our “Semini Cattivi” are now definitely living the American dream!

Best of luck to this amazing team, even if we know that they don’t really need it!