Tech Scaleup China (chinese version) – 2019 Report

在科技创业领域,中国是一条苏醒的巨龙。 2014年以来,中国科技创业领域的投资增长迅猛。通过不断向科技创 业生态系统注入大量资金,中国已成功将欧洲甩在身后,尽管与美国 尚有一段距离。 由此产生的最终结果是,中国培育出了更大规模的科技公司,并不断 缩小与美国的差距。中国有近一万家高成长创业公司,其中528家公 司的融资规模占中国科技创业生态系统融资总额的71%。 这些公司中有38家科技巨头——我们称之为“超大型创业公司”。它们 的融资规模占中国科技创业生态系统融资总额的38%。这一数字远远 超过欧洲(20%)和美国(23%)。 北京、上海、深圳是中国是三大科技中心城市,中国64%的高成长创 业公司分布在这三座城市。 香港则在更大程度上是一座金融中心。香港证券交易所是全球第三大 高科技企业融资平台,仅次于纽约证券交易所和纳斯达克。 百度、阿里巴巴、腾讯、京东等互联网巨头以及它们最主要的竞争者 拥有丰富的资金和发展资源。这些企业旗下的创业投资机构是中国风 险投资领域转型的主要力量。 中国第一轮科技创业投资推动了旅游、手机、互联网和电子商务领域 的发展。人工智能、科学与工程软件、教育技术则是中国当前和未来 发展的引导力量。

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Tech Scaleup China (english version) – 2019 Report

The news is the Scaleup Dragon has definitely awoken. Since 2014 investments in tech scaleup in China has moved by order of magnitude. Though it is not yet at the US levels, China managed to distance Europe consistently pouring in the ecosystem large amounts of capital. The net result is China producing larger tech companies and approaching the US.

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Tech Scaleup IPOs – 2019 Report

2019 is reportedly the year of well anticipated tech IPOs. Is this a resurge of what used to be the norm, or just a timing coincidence? Are IPOs a way for scaling up tech companies or just an exit for investors? To address these questions we analyzed the funding path of over 40 thousand tech scaleups across US, Europe, China, and Israel.

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Tech Scaleup Spain – 2018 Report

The Spanish ecosystem ranks 5th in Europe in terms of the number of scaleups, and 6th in the capital raised. As a consolation prize, it ranks first among the Southern European countries. The gap with the UK, France, and Germany is simply too broad to be bridged. But the preliminary numbers of 2018 shows that Spain is also going slower than the most immediate comparables, Switzerland and Sweden. In particular regarding the capital invested where Spain is still lagging behind the most advanced ecosystems. What’s needed to make a substantial step forward?

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Tech Scaleup Italy – 2018 Report

Italy moves too slow and it needs to accelerate significantly. This was the main diagnosis emerging from our last year report. One year later, the scenario has not changed. Italy still ranks 11th in the European Scaleup Europe ranking. And the gap from the top has become even wider. Moving slow in the world of technology equates at not moving at all. And, if you are late, it is difficult to catch up with the opponents that are ahead of you if you don’t start running.

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