If you work in the tech industry, you probably know about CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, that takes place in Las Vegas every year, in January. It is the go-to-place to see high-tech gadgets, from TVs to mobility concepts or smart home devices. It is also your go-to-place if you want to meet with experts or prospects to talk about potential partnerships.
For obvious reasons, this was not possible this year, and the CTA – the association behind the CES organization – decided to take the show digitally. We wanted to share with you some of the highlights of this edition.

Covid Tech, Of Course, Unfortunately.

With the pandemic crisis going on all over the globe, it is not a surprise to see more technologies used to fight back COVID-19.

LG Uses Robots

LG Robots to Fight Covid-19

LG has also taken the challenge to provide tech solutions to fight the Covid-19. LG showcased: 

  • autonomous robots that kill viruses thanks to ultraviolet light.
  • a wearable air purifier that you can carry around to purify the air in the car or at the office, for example.



AirPop the Smart Mask

AirPop, a young German company, launched its active and halo smart mask. The device is designed to better fit the shape of your face and filter the air you breathe. It also measures air quality and it comes at a good price, around 20 dollars.

Mobility at CES

Innovation in the Mobility space has been taking over CES for a few years now, to such an extent that it has shadowed Automotive shows. This year is any different in that aspect. Here are some interesting technologies showcased during the exhibition.

Caterpillar autonomous and safer mining

Caterpillar showcased its most advanced innovations to improve efficiency with autonomous trucks. Indeed, one operator will be able to control the trucks remotely or within the cabin of the vehicle. Thanks to the product Caterpillar Terrain and Fleet, the operator will be able to manage the whole process more efficiently. For example, he will be able to call the trucks in line, anticipate the estimated time of arrival, manage the truck payload, and more. See more on the video here. Caterpillar also announced technologies that help workers stay away from hazards like Caterpillar Detect Driver Safety System – DSS, that monitors and prevents any distraction fatigue by tracking driver’s eye movements and behaviors with a mounted system.   

MUBUX Hyperscreen

Mercedes-Benz Launched its “MUBUX Hyperscreen”

Mercedes-Benz launched “MUBUX Hyperscreen”, an Artificial Intelligence screen that enables drivers and front seat passengers to voice command the car to call or activate seat settings for example.


Panasonic Showcased its AR Display

Example display of the augmented reality HUD. Courtesy of Panasonic

Panasonic launched its last Augmented Reality technology, the Head Up Display (HUD), which projects holographic dashboard images to a driver’s windshield. With eye tracking technologies, 3D imaging radar capabilities and vibration control, Panasonic tries to reduce driver distraction and therefore make the road safer. 


Sustainability Technologies

This edition saw a good number of announcements for Sustainability Tech products.


Kohler and Phyn launch Two Water Monitoring Solutions

Kohler, an American manufacturer best known for its plumbing products, and Phyn, a Californian startup that provides intelligent water solutions launched two “Kohler products powered by Phyn, which aims at providing DIY Water Monitoring solutions for consumers. It will help the end user identify leaks, prevent any damages in the house and better understand their water consumption by installing a monitor under the sink.


Shower power

A Speaker Under Your Shower Made Out Of Recycled Plastics

Ampere announced Shower power, another great device that can help you limit your impact on the environment. It is a shower speaker, powered by your shower stream that connects to any device via Bluetooth. It is also worth noting that the whole device is made out of recycled ocean plastics. I will definitely include it in my birthday gift list.


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About the author: Maroane Abdallaoui, Director of Innovation
Maroane started his career leading several international IT projects for French corporations such as Gaz De France, Sanofi, and la Française des Jeux.
He moved to San Francisco where he got an MBA at HULT Business School and pursued his career in Open Innovation.
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