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 Duncan Logan is the founder and Ceo of RocketSpace; an accelerator for high-growth, seed-funded tech startups. The foundation of RocketSpace is a high-quality technology community that offers ultimate flexibility for a rapidly-growing tech startup.Their goal is to create the most amazing environment for companies either to become hugely successful or to fail fast.

 According to Duncan, we’ve come into the information age and it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, technology is playing an ever increasing part of that world and so the people working in technology are making a big impact.

He believes that the easier way to have a successful business is to provide something that is really valuable to some part of the community, society or business. In other words, it is essential, when building something, to understand the importance of solving a problem. In this way, whether you will be changing the world or not you will still be making a difference for someone.

Duncan states that the new generation who is coming through now is more socially responsible than the two previous generations, I have in fact been seeing a high and growing percentage of startups with “social” goals (social as in social good) pitching at various Demo Days. An impactful idea of this “Tech Age”, which Duncan believes has a big potential for social good is the crowd-funding concept and the platforms that it has generated. Crowdfunding empowers everyone to give and to receive, any amount of funds in a quick and easy way.

However what changes the world is not always a social enterprise or non-profit ; there are tech-companies that are changing the world even though they are not so obvious when talking of social good. An example which Duncan points out, is Twitter. Twitter is giving a voice to everyone. It is taking away the entitlement of a few and giving it to everyone. As Twitter shows, it is important, like Duncan believes, that companies try to be profitable because they have a potential for social impact.

Whatever you build, create value. This will give you a chance to have an impact. Which could lead you, to change the world.