As of 2022, the South Korea tech ecosystem is continuing on a thriving trajectory.

Thanks to the country’s edge in digital technologies, South Korea has the right cards to play a strategic role at global scale.The presence of startups and scaleups is increasing, and new tech giants are rising. Structural corporate and government support is also providing significant dry power to the local tech ecosystem.

Moreover, South Korea is becoming a fertile ground for advancements in EdTech.

Factoring in the country’s advanced ICT infrastructure, pervasive high-speed connectivity, and wide adoption of digital technologies – combined with one of the world’s largest share of teenagers entering higher education and a relatively high household spending for extra-curricular education – it is not surprising that the country has fostered a lively ecosystem of EdTech startups and scaleups experimenting with new technologies and looking to expand to global markets.

The EdTech revolution is pervasive among Asian countries, and South Korea is at its forefront.

Pushing beyond the traditional definition of “edtech” – i.e. the digitalization of educational programs – South Korean startups and scaleups are experimenting with new models and tools that include immersive experiences in the “metaverse”, non-face-to-face interaction tools, and VR classes tailored to students of different ages.

Strong corporate support – in the form of capital made available through dedicated CVC funds – is coming from both “old” and “new economy” players (including the Korean giant “Megastudy”).

Seoul may become the world’s capital of EdTech.

Following the guidelines included in the “Seoul Vision 2030” plan, the Korean capital city is rapidly expanding its digital infrastructure, including a dedicated metaverse city platform.

By becoming increasingly technically equipped, Seoul may act as the right framework for EdTech startups and scaleups to easily test and implement advanced technologies.

Look no further than our “Scaleup Summit” in Seoul to find among our invited companies some of the most cutting-edge innovations in EdTech, including the following:


Studio W is a professional animation studio doing animation design and production. Since the establishment of studio W in March 2014, they have worked in animation design and production, character license, new media, advertisement as well as production based on their previous experiences of producing various television animation series.


LIBERTREE is the world’s first cloud-based content and provides a service that automatically processes book requests through the library operating system.

Having accumulated various and vast big data, their goal is to become a company that leads the rapidly changing era of super intelligence. Therefore, they have been focusing on developing a technology based on our accumulated know-how and are continuing to patent the core technology and register for overseas patents. 


Appbook is a next-generation application book that is about 2 steps ahead of the previous e-book. Appbooks enable a mobile-optimized design layout so that you can subscribe intuitively and comfortably like paper books on your smartphone.In addition, it can implement various contents that are difficult to implement in e-Book, providing dynamic interest and immersion (VR virtual reality, video, quiz, game, audio book, event).


Smart Dong School is an educational company that helps individuals and society grow through IT technology, providing with the best education programs.

Nurhyme Games

Nurhyme Games is a professional game development company. They provide additional gaming values with NFT of items, accounts, characters and provide user-created content tools. The company specializes in metaverse products.


Inventis started in 2014 developing IT services and providing management services globally. Starting with Workshop Automation which digitally transformed Hyundai Motor’s workshop process, their services have expanded into sales, test drive solutions which are now used by more than 1,000 dealers in over 15 countries. Based on such capabilities, they are a Global ICT startup accelerating into other business areas such as 3D/immersive experience contents design, development, management and IOT service business.

Globepoint Inc.

Globepoint Inc. is a global edutainment company established in 2012, developing VR educational contents authoring solutions for G-learning and E-learning. They work with worldwide partners and developers to expertly obtain the most effective contents needed to move AR/VR education from the conceptual stage to physical and provide a new paradigm of education.

Woonjin Thinkbig

Woongjin Thinkbig develops and provides a variety of educational and cultural contents ranging from infants to adults, including membership learning programs, book-based children’s education services, classes, learning centers, and online and offline book publishing. The company also provided AR-pedia, a paper book with Augmented Reality (AR) and several technologies such as 2D&3D graphics, and animations for a completely new reading experience.

Join our Scaleup Summit to connect with these bright startups, learn about the Korean scaleup ecosystem and metaverse trends, partake in discussions on open innovation and how to set up a corporate outpost in the country, and more. Register here.