Eni has recently announced the establishment of Eniverse Ventures (#Eniverse), a new fully owned entity dedicated to Corporate Venture Building activities.

Eniverse plans to build and scale new ventures leveraging both own portfolio of innovation and proprietary technologies and third party assets. In detail, Eniverse will focus on market incubation for those technologies that have not yet reached adequate levels of maturity, on market validation through interactions with the market, and on business building, setting up new ventures and supporting them in the scale up phase.

Assets to be scaled

Eniverse will collaborate both external parties (such as startups and technology companies, universities) as well as leverage the company’s tech and R&D portfolio (it has already begun a screening process on over 130 proprietary technologies).

Criteria of selection

– high growth potential
– time to market of less than 3 years.

Key people

Eniverse will be led by Giacomo Silvestri, who has been the person in charge of the startup and digital scouting activities in the past few years. The new team will then combine research and internal skills, experience in business development, and external entrepreneurship.

(Open) Innovation Structure

The new venture builder (Eniverse) now complements the venture client activities (that are currently run under the Tech division led by Francesca Zarri), Joule, Eni’s initiative led by Mattia Voltaggio that supports the growth of innovative and sustainable startups in Italy (mostly through third-party accelerators such as Zero, Faros, VeniSIA, …) and Eni Next, the CVC arm of the group headquartered in Boston (led by Gabriele Franceschini).