Federico Faggin is not an ordinary Silicon Valley entrepreneur, nor an ordinary physicist nor “ordinary inventor”.

Everything about Federico is extra-ordinary. He is by far the most awarded inventor we had in our #MindtheChat: scroll his Wikipedia  page to go through his countless material achievements in physics, electronics and, generally speaking, our lives (just think microprocessor and touchscreen).

But even in the range of extra-ordinary, he might be off the chart.

In our chat, we focus on his current field of focus:  study the nature of consciousness, as a direct consequence of an extra-corporeal experience experience he had in 1989.

Warning: this is not an ordinary business casual conversation. We end up discussing why consciousness is fundamental, and how, in Faggin’s view, quantum physics and spirituality could (and should) be reconciled.

If you are intrigued on the mathematical theory based on consciousness being primary aspect of nature, here are a few extra resources:  his book Silicio  (soon to be translated) and one of his interviews on his current studies.
Enjoy and be inspired!

Marco Marinucci


[2.08] from Olivetti to SGS Fairchild – from the first microprocessor to the logic for touchscreens

[4.38] impact of a father who was professor of philosophy

[7.41] at age 12 I figured the process of building a product

[11.18] in 1960 at age 19 I built the first computer at Olivetti

[13.32] books that left an impact on me in the 60s

[15.23] why my mind is sharper today than when I was in my 20s

[18.01] 1968 landing in Silicon Valley and the first integrated circuit

[20.19] what is the process of Invention?

[25.25] pitching the touchscreen technology to Steve Jobs

[28.10] the epiphany in 1990 while studying general purpose neural networks

[33.20] started off as an effort to make a computer conscious

[34.14] one night I had a extra-ordinary experience – the most profound love I experienced in my life

[37.38] a physical mental and spiritual coherent experience that led me to dedicate my life to consciousness

[40.36] we are quantum

[45.55] progress in your understanding of consciousness in the last ~30 years

[48.45] a thought is a multidimensional structure that we try to linearize like a collapse of a wave structure

[50.25] Inner vs outer reality

[52.48]  consciousness controls the brain not the opposite

[53.09] roadmap of the Faggin Foundation

[54.07] how do we combine science and religion/spirituality

[58.37] suggestions for who’s interested in going deeper