A significant transformation is happening in the way we do things, and the answer is digitalization. While the third revolution was the introduction of computers and using automation and enhancing it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (also known as “Industry 4.0”) happened in the manufacturing industry. 

In this frame, South Korea has emerged over the past several decades as a leading manufacturing economy and the country is now in an optimal position to remain competitive in this industry which entails the convergence of digital technologies and intelligent manufacturing operations. 

Manufacturing is the mainstay of the Korean economy, and it accounts for 30 percent of GDP and is responsible for 90 percent of Korea’s exports. More than 80 percent of research and development is contributed to manufacturing fields. (Acc to trade.gov).

It’s not a surprise, then, that 7 startups invited to our upcoming Scaleup Summit South Korea (hosted in Seoul on September 19-20) are operating in this field. The event will include curated panels and visits to the local ecosystem, where corporates, investors, and scaleups operating in specific industry verticals can do business and spot technology trends.

It will be attended by some of the brilliant startups working on brand-new innovations and rapidly bringing solutions to the market, from everyday basic needs to technology for the future. Let’s look at what these companies are doing:


PURRIT is the pet-IT brand of a Robotics R&D company, Valiantx.

Valiantx was founded in 2018 and successfully delivered several robotic R&D projects.

Purrair: “PURRAIR” Portable air sterilizer & odor. Brand new air purifier with a minimal design that suits any interior space and terminates various harmful substances and odors.


AIPARK has gathered to provide an avatar creation service that transcends time, space and ability in video through the convergence of artificial intelligence and video technology.

“AIivatar” Multilingual AI avatar production program.


A Complete  Virtual Office Platform to Help Non-Face-To-Face Collaboration

Create your own virtual office IN 1 MINUTE through Joycollab and then customize your office to your taste. Feel the characteristics of each space just like a real office.

Makes you accommodate all kinds of communication with colleagues.

Mingle & CO

Mingle & Co plays the role of connecting business, technology, and people with XR digital media technology by putting stories into content with the technology of VFX. It serves as a bridge between technology, people and business.



Metaverse Illustration Fair (MIF) – the Exhibition and communication Platform

Distributed into 4 phases: Platform, communication, monetize, promotion

Providing zep-based 2D space and own 3D space platform to the user then completes the space together through continuous communication. It supports on/offline merchandise sales and the promotion of the participating artists.


MetaVu solves industrial problems through XR-based solutions.

It provides the best and adequate solution to the rapidly changing industrial site. Moving forward to the safest and smartest industrial site with sustainable ESG management. MetaVu Remote is a service that helps real-time communication and collaboration between field workers and remote experts at various sites in XR, providing intuitive and optimized communication.

iGiS Inc.

IGIS Co., Ltd. is a specialized ICT company that develops spatial information solutions and drone solutions to the public and private sectors. Based on the know-how of spatial information technology and drone technology, it is a universal solution that can be applied to various fields such as disaster and disaster fields, construction, civil engineering, environment, and surveying.

To connect and see much more about these bright innovations, Join our South Korea summit. Highlights of our event include a detailed report with data regarding the Korean Metaverse Ecosystem, Open Innovation Boot Camp, Corporate Insight Sessions, 1:1 Matching Session, Innovation Executive Views

If you want to be part of the game, you can find info and register here.