Engage, mobilise and inspire successful innovation through intrapreneurship.

Employees can be the richest source of untapped innovation potential and engaging them can have a powerful impact on business growth. But the brutal reality is that most intrapreneurship programmes fail to produce results: less than 1%. of ideas develop into impactful ventures. We often see lightweight processes that promise high expectations but fail to inspire their people to think differently, generate high quality ideas, and unlock meaningful value. 

This is why the global advisory firm Mind the Bridge and the UK platform enabled innovation consultancy Pollen8 have joined forces to support companies through all stages of their intrapreneurship journey. Ultimate goal: make Intrapreneurship work.

Intrapreneurship, if properly implemented, is a key driver of corporate change, particularly today when being entrepreneurial is no longer an optional ‘nice to have’. We can take certain learnings from “broken” intrapreneurship programmes as well as the best of breed we have been working with in the past few years.” – commented Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind the BridgeTogether with Pollen8 we can design and execute successful intrapreneurship programmes able to spread entrepreneurship and generate a qualitative deal flow of scalable projects.” 

Meet them at Innov8rs Conference on September 28-30.

The brand-new joint website is dedicated to guiding corporate executives through the details of the Mind the Bridge/Pollen8 joint offering. Interested parties  can also meet Mind the Bridge/Pollen8 during the Innov8rs Connect on Governance, Portfolio Mgt & Program Mgt Conference on September 28-30. 

“Year after year, campaign after campaign, we have helped organisations to innovate by unlocking the potential of their people, empowering intrapreneurs and building ventures within their organisations. Through our hands-on experience, we have developed an innovation platform that supports our offering and unlocks more opportunities for growth through intrapreneurship”, added Tom Humphreys. CEO & Co-Founder at Pollen8 – “ In Mind the Bridge we have found the perfect partner to complement our offering, enabling an end to end approach to  intrapreneurship from idea generation through to successful venture delivery.”