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I called myself a “social entrpreneur” untill I heard a very well known venture capitalist from silicon valley say “I don’t like the definition social entrpreneur, because all entrprenuers are social.” So this really caught my curiosity and raised some questions:

Who is really having a social impact and where do you draw the line between social and non social?

Especially in the Silicion Valley enviornment where almost every day you hear people saying “We are chanigng the world”, the big question is “Is this REALLY changing the world?”

So is it the ultimate tech startup that allows you to share pictures or is it the charity that builds water wells in Africa, or maybe both, or is there something in between the two and how are they all differently having a social impact in the world?

I have been interviwing some of the influencer’s of Silicon Valley; Ceo’s of accelerators, co-working spaces, startups and philanthropists to have their opinion on this topic and attempt to define what “social” means nowadays and understand who and what is really changing the world.

The interviews will be posted once a week here on BISI@MTB as well as on Gettingbusy Blog and will end with a last video with my conclusions.