Another great adventure is coming to an end in our offices in San Francisco, the last week of the November edition of the Startup school in already half way through.
Our 8 students arrived from Italy and Brazil nearly 3 weeks ago and  during this time many things have happened! We have had more than 15 different modules and workshops, hold by some of our great Mentors, that have covered the biggest aspects of running a Startup and doing it in Silicon Valley.

4 main projects have been developed, the prize winning AdEspresso and Flazio and 2 more early-stage VIP4charity and Bici Cafè. We visited both Berkeley University and Stanford, where we had the chance to speak with some pretty amazing people including one of the Directors of Startx, a Stanford based Startup accelerator. Last week we had our usual companies visit, during which we managed to meet with and hear the stories of some leading figures of the field.

But a series of other reasons made these past few weeks even more exciting. The San Francisco Giants won the world series, the city literally turned orange and, believe it or not, it turned even us into big baseball fans for a night! Plus we (finally) got to experience a real American Halloween (with some really interesting outfits) and we did a really nice “schooltrip” to Sausalito by bike in a  incredibly beatiful and summery day (during which one of our participants manage to have a flat tire 3 times, not bad!)

In addition one of the participants of the school officialized last week the fundings that his Catania-based startup received from Beasy Lab and Zernike Meta Ventures. So a huge congratulation to Flavio and his team is due, no need to say that it was for us more than a good reason  to toast everyday!

But many things are still to happen, among them our MTB and BAIA Openhouse combined to the final Gym session on Friday. So let’s end with a bang!