Mathesia raises €700K following MTB Startup School

Italy-based startup Mathesia announced a seed round of €700K just after participating in our MTB Startup School program in August 2017.

The company announced the deal with a group of important Italian entrepreneurs and managers on October 5th.
“When, a few years ago, we started working on this project, math scientists were still viewed as a sort of mythological entities dealing only with theoretical problems. Today it is clear to everybody that highly qualified mathematicians can have a significant impact on every practical aspect of any enterprise: financial forecast, product simulation, process optimization and many others”, commented Ottavio Crivaro, the founder. “The indications of interest we have received during a round of presentations in the Silicon Valley confirm that the time has come to land in the USA”, added Luca Prati, CEO of Mathesia.

Mathesia (website) has created crowdsourcing platform specialized in applied math sciences and plans to use the seed round money to grow the company internationally.

While there have been companies growing in the last year trying to develop successful crowdsourcing platforms, Mathesia is focusing on applied math sciences that they feel haven’t been fully explored yet. At the moment Mathesia has a consolidated traction of 50 corporates already running 25 ongoing projects, plus a team of 8 with a strong background in modeling, simulation, data science and, of course, math. These numbers don’t count the 2500+ specialists currently active on the platform.

Mathesia Background

Mathesia was founded by Moxoff, a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano and Yottacle, a startup incubated at PoliHub. The Mathesia platform uses machine learning and data analysis algorithms to translate project specifications to academic problems. It then pairs the specialists in the academic world who are active on the platform to provide solutions to these product and process improvement problems. The specialists active in the Mathesia platform are paid on a per project commission.

In Italy Mathesia won, among others, the CNR ITCUP 2016 first prize for the best ICT start-ups, as well as the prize for best Big Data Analytics project in the Digital360 Awards 2016 competition.

Mathesia Mind the Bridge Startup School

Their motto is Mathesia, the land where math creates innovation!

And their innovation “touched” such strong brands like Siemens, De’Longhi, Nolan and Assicurazioni Generali that have chosen it for discovering solutions in contexts of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and advanced Engineering.

MTB Startup School

As said, we welcomed Mathesia in our Startup School this year, during the August class. And we’re very proud of them!
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