Thrilled to announce that Mind the Bridge has joined Tech Barcelona as its corporate partner to provide its network of innovation connections and promote the city’s technological and digital ecosystem at a global level.

Tech Barcelona ​​is the private non-profit association that forms the backbone of Barcelona’s digital and technological ecosystem. It connects start-ups and entrepreneurs with corporates, investors, and all the agents of the ecosystem. They feed the ecosystem’s database and provide the project visibility. Also, develops strategic projects to accelerate the tech ecosystem. Urban Tech Campus puts it into action and Tech Talent mobilizes its digital talent.

By joining Tech Barcelona as a Corporate Partner, Mind The Bridge will reinforce its knowledge of what is already one of the benchmark ecosystems in Europe and will be able to give it more visibility within its international network.

​“The ecosystem of start-ups and corporates in Barcelona must grow together with the global and innovative vision of large international players such as Mind the Bridge, and the experience that large projects can contribute. The presence of the consultancy in the American, European, and Asian markets allows the connection of Barcelona with an extensive network of knowledge and global experience” – Miquel Martí, (CEO, Tech Barcelona)

According to the Tech Scaleup Spain report, prepared by MTB in collaboration with Acciona and Crunchbase, Spain is a unique case in Europe due to the coexistence of two large start-up ecosystems -Madrid and Barcelona. The report highlights that Barcelona stands as the main focus of growth and investment, with a total of 306 scale-ups and a total of 6,700 million dollars raised since its creation.

“In recent years, Barcelona has become an international hub capable of attracting the digital and innovation headquarters of companies from all over the world. The reasons? It’s a vibrant and growing start-up scene, there’s an abundance of international talent and an interconnected network mentality. That is why we decided a few years ago to open an office in Barcelona, which today houses an international team of more than 10 people. For Mind the Bridge, joining Tech Barcelona is the natural step to further integrate into the local ecosystem and help make it even more international. For this reason, at the top of our task list is a joint analysis of international companies that have a digital centre in Barcelona”. – Alberto Onetti (Chairman, MTB)

We are ecstatic to collaborate and shape the future of digital innovation in Barcelona with Tech Barcelona.