How to solve the “Death Valley of Accelerators”?

Traditional corporate accelerators have a bad reputation and it seems deserved. Based on recent analysis most of the corporate accelerators do not produce results for participating startups as well as do not produce material impact for corporates.
In parallel, new models are emerging (hybrid accelerators, venture builders, startup studios). Last month we analyzed the TrenLab Accelerator born in partnership between Spain’s state-run railway company Renfe and a telco (Telefónica). In this Mind the Chat we go through the Kamet model. Kamet is a venture builder launched early2016 by AXA with an initial investment of €100M.

Kamet is focused on creating breakthrough companies that will redefine the sectors of InsureTech, HealthTech and Mobility.

The underlying assumption is for building Kamet was that while incremental innovation can be done within the “core” of a large organization like AXA, more “disruptive” innovation is difficult to achieve outside of a truly entrepreneurial framework. Results thus far? Over 400 ideas screened, approx. 20 live ventures, of which 10+ able to raise a Series A and 2 a Series B. And more to come. And a lot of learning.

We will analyze what’s special about Kamet in depth with Ravit Warsha, Partner, Healthcare for Kamet in Israel.