Our Startup school August’s ‘13 edition just ended, but the excitement and can-do attitude is still in the air @ our One Market headquarters.

August class counts a group of 15 energetic entrepreneurs who bring an eclectic mix of professional disciplines, real-world experience and engaging business projects. It has been a very interesting mix of young professionals with different backgrounds ranging from consultants, engineers, product developers, marketers as well as a bunch of visionary people…for some reasons, MTB attracts them naturally!;)

Nonetheless, the number of women who are joining MTB Startup school, it’s becoming …overwhelming! Jokes apart, for this edition we excited to host 4 ambitious female entrepreneurs with big dreams who are making great progresses on their projects.

Do you want to know more about them?

Check out their bios and have a look at some of the projects they are working on:

It’s no secret that successful companies are managed by successful communicators. Thus our program is focused on helping them present a business case, orally and in writing, via a short value statement, a one-page executive summary and a 5-min slide presentation to an audience of peers and mentors.
That’s what they’ve been working on for 3 weeks, and that’s what they’re bringing home.

Just to give you a sense of what’s going on, here are some of the modules they attended:

– Presentation skills, by our star mentor, Anne-Marie Russo
– E-mail Marketing, by our mailing , Massimo Arrigoni
– Visa Issue, by our immigration expert, Jim Mayock
– Silicon Valley: investment outlook and success driver, by our SV wizard, Gigi Wang -Introduction to Silicon Valley, by no less than the Boss, Marco Marinucci
– Value proposition, by our kick ass School Director, Charles Versaggi

After the first week they started realizing that in the magic world of San Francisco everything can happen and, all by themselves, they began to attend networking events to widen their professional network as well as to get more feedback on their projects. The ultimate goal is to put them on the spot, keep them out of their comfort zone for as long as they are here.

A central part of the school are the visits to some of the most iconic companies/organizations of Silicon Valley: Google, Stanford, Berkeley and the likes are always a one-in-a-lifetime experience (as are the getting together evenings with our musician Gianluca and our singer Simona but that’s a different story).

However, the MTB Startup school is much more than learning how to run a startup as it does entail lots of fun too…Social dinner, lunch at MTB HQs rooftop, fancy aperitif and house party just to mention a few…the best part is yet to come, now that you are part of the MTB family!;)