Digital Health, Sustainability and Virtualization Technologies: these are the 3 areas where TIM Group’s cloud company Noovle and TIM Group’s Open Innovation Program TIM WCAP are looking for Cloud and AI based solutions through the international Noovle Cloud Challenge, open until March 31st.

The initiative leverages the experience of TIM WCAP, the Open Innovation program that fosters business and collaboration opportunities with ready-to-market startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and scaleups, and the  hands-on support of Mind the Bridge, the international advisory firm providing innovation consulting to companies and government entities.

The solutions should be able to exploit the potential of the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence to support the digital transformation both of companies and public organizations, in line with Noovle’s strategy focused on building a portfolio of value-added products and services for the market. Selected companies will have the opportunity to enter a partnership agreement with Noovle.

Proposals can be submitted by March 31st through the TIM WCAP platform :

  • E-Health: cutting-edge solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for the diagnosis, monitoring and provision of healthcare services, with the aim of optimising the efficiency and management of services across the healthcare supply chain.
  • Sustainability: advanced solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence capable of supporting the achievement of sustainability goals (e.g. reduced dependency on fossil fuels, containment of CO2 emissions, etc.)
  • Container as a Service (CaaS): highly innovative cloud-based solutions capable of supporting the operations, management and maintenance of a MATCH architecture, based on micro-services, API-first, cloud-native and headless.

Proposals will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of managers and experts. The award ceremony will take place in May during the dedicated event with the participation of Google Cloud.

The Challenge will also be promoted through the Mind the Bridge’s Scaleup Summits and its Ecosystem global platform. The platform aims at fostering business opportunities between global companies and the most promising international scaleups.