Presenting SEC2SV 2016 Scaleups

Selection of the top EU scaleups that will showcase in Silicon Valley

It’s that time of the year. Since February we’ve been utterly busy in selecting the top Scaleups that can represent the best of Europe for the 2016 edition of the Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley week.

The selection of the companies happened with the support of the many partners involved in the project.Infographic SEC2SV Scaleups

As a reminder, the bar to be considered a hot EU Scaleup is the same used by our friends and  partners at SVC2UK and today’s standard:

having at least 10 full time employees 3 years ago and a minimum of 20% growth YoY in revenue or number of employees.

While we won’t disclose the names of the finalists quite yet, we want to give you a glimpse of the companies we have been evaluating:

Cybersecurity, cloud computing services, IoT and digitalization of traditional industries are some of the main verticals that will be represented in September.
They raised an average of $6M of capital, have ~50 employees, an annual revenues of $3M. They YoY growth averages an outstanding 150%, with peaks over 500%. Not that shabby, even for Silicon Valley standards, where most startups are fed steroids since birth…

Those European technology stars will be showcased to an audience of Silicon Valley corporations and investors. You can also see them in action during the European Innovation Day opening conference, that will take place at the Computer History Museum on Sep 12th. Tickets are now available HERE.

Be ready to see more reports on the EU scene coming soon…

Marco Marinucci