Stereomood is the winner of the RCS Prize for 2011 as the most innovative startup in Digital Publishing.

As the name implies, Stereomood thrives to re-organize the way we approach, listen and discover music based not on a singer or playlist (still an extension of singers) but rather on your mood.
Feeling Christmas-y these days? Here’s the right music for you!
Do you want to transmit a good karma? Here’s the music that will fit you like a glove!
I personally tried the “making love” list. It didn’t quite got me what I was hoping for. However it did get me pretty relaxed (and with a good karma too).
How do they do that? Their juice is their proprietary algorithm for music taxonomy: stereorank (kind of resembles the famous “pagerank” algorithm, that made Google Google – good karma?) collects tags from music blogs, crowdsource and music habits of listeners.
They are breaking the usual paradigm of listening to music (I listen what I like), and rather create an interesting alternative to discover new music, not the big hits, based on the atmosphere I’m trying to generate.
Something that theme parks or shopping malls have known for quite some time.
Love or not love, I can see why they have over 1M visitors/month with an amazing 75% of returning users. It’s fun!
Monetizing their traffic won’t be a walk in the park, but they are not alone in that struggle (ask Pandora, LastFM, Spotify and the likes).
And that’s what they’ll be working on in their 3 months incubation at the MTB GYM.
We’d better start working on the “traveling to San Francisco” music tagging…