Stating that it’s been a busy year is just an understatement.

We started the year incubating 12 startups, in addition to our long term guests at the gym.
The Italian Innovation day at Stanford and then in New York were stunning successes, where our startups showed to the world to be ready for the premier league.
At least, that’s what the world top VCs who judged our finalists told us (and that was pre-drinks, so we can assume they really think so).
We had a busy spring in Italy, with multiple events around the country as part of our usual MTB Italy Tour. 500+ people attended those events, dozen of startups had the opportunity to present and build their muscles.
In the meantime, the activities at the Gym got more and more dense. We hosted countless open-houses and demo days, often matched with large groups visiting from Italy (plenty!).
Among the several interesting friends we hosted Le Iene, RAI TV, Helmut Esslinger (Frog Design), Pierluigi Zappacosta (Logitech), Nerio Alessandri (Technogym) and many more.
Moreover, we launched our first Startup School: with the support of Wired, we run four 3-week sessions which got fully booked with 30+ participants.
In the midst of all this activity, we also moved our HQ from Pier 38 to the One Market landmark in San Francisco.
To top all off, November was Venture Camp month, with hundreds of participants, a memorable night with Le Iene and thousands of followers (we crossed the 3000 on FB).
What a year folks! The video says it all. As Simona, who made the video on Xmas eve, while cooking, puts it: “while putting together all those memorable moments, I re-lived the emotions and the fun while working with such a unique bunch. It’s heaven.”
That’s exactly how I feel.
Have a memorable 2012.
Personally, I can’t wait.