It’s official. By the end of the month, all Pier 38 tenants (~70 startups to our last count) will have to move out.
It doesn’t really matter what’s the real story behind it (Chronicle, Techcrunch) , the 400 people signing a petition or the visit of the mayor of San Francisco.

What really matters is the bottom line.
On Sep 30th, Pier 38 will stop being that unique, creative, open, vibrant hub for startups as we’ve known it.

We can’t say enough about how this pirates cove had an impact on our beloved organization.
It’s been our first home. But since we moved in, just over a year ago, things have happened faster than we all expected.

The open, anarchic spirit of this place, almost a commune where nobody has any other interest than promoting successful startups, has been deeply inspiring.

Here’s where we started organizing events for all possible occasions, the end of a startup summer school, a large group of visiting students, GYM Openhouses and demo days.
You name it.
That’s also where my 5-year daughter (with other 90 something people) ended up celebrating her graduation from Preschool.
It’s all good.
We are definitely not worried about our new home. In fact, we’ll be moving to the One Market building, another San Francisco landmark.
It’s a great opportunity to grow. And we’ll take it.
But, as good pirates after a successful assault, we want to honor our first battleship, or rather, our beloved galleon.

On 9/20 we’ll host our GoodBye party for Pier 38. Drinks, startups and laughter. Pier 38 way.

From Marco Marinucci