It’s been barely 3 weeks. And yet, it seems like a new era had started.
It seems like yesterday that we had to move from our beloved pirate cove, Pier38.
In the typical Silicon Valley way, where everything is dynamic and accelerated, so was our move.
And exactly on Oct 3rd, together with most of the Pier38 Startups, we moved.
It’s arguably the most iconic business building in San Francisco, also known as “The Landmark“, home of dozen among the most successful companies in the Bay Area ( and Autodesk, just to mention a couple).
One Market is the dream location for any company, a stone throw from the Ferry Building, a stunning view of the bay, and the most desirable location for public transportation, restaurants or a relaxing walk along the Embarcadero.

We occupy the entire fifth floor of the Steuart Tower, on the South-East corner of the One Market Plaza complex.
I kid you not. This is not the usual bare-bone space you are used to associate with the scrappy startup world. This is a full blown, top corporate space. How on earth can startups afford such a space? As they say here: “don’t ask, don’t tell” 😉
There is still plenty of space available (30K sqf total), but things are coming together pretty quickly, including the famous common area that has been transported entirely from Pier 38.
As far as we are concerned, we took a spacious wing of the floor, filled natural light, where we can run our loud presentations, training modules, etc without killing the other startups that are busy changing the world.
In fact, since we moved in, we’ve been running our October session of our Startup School, and things, so far, have gone as smooth as silk.
Last night, we even hosted the first official Open House event in our new home.

We do have plenty of space, so that we are starting renting out desks to folks who are a good fit with our philosophy.
If you are interested, start having a look at the pictures here. Wondering why our pictures look so professional? Because a real pro took them, Paolo Bonaccorsi, one of the brilliant participants to our October Startup School (thanks Paolo!!).