Here it comes: the 2012 edition of the Venture Camp, the 4th edition (5th if we count the first timid appearance in Venice) is ready to roll!

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The conference has become a tradition by itself, bringing inspiration from amazing speakers, a new breed of the best startups in Italy and… a lot of fun!

50 speakers, 14 startups presenting, a fully booked conference hall,  25  major media channels following the event. An online streaming available at and that, in the past editions, has experienced 10K+ viewers.

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Thanks to our beloved sponsors, Mind the Bridge Venture Camp continues with the Gala Dinner and the After Party in an outstanding venue, the nHow hotel in Milan fashion and design district, hosted by Filippo Roma “Inviato speciale delle IENE”.

The Friday evening party has become a tradition by itself: live music, games, memorable enterteinment, dinner and unlimited drinks in a unique creative setting.
Meet the Venture Camp speakers, qualified investors, tons of startups … and a lot of cool people. This year, we raised the bar further. You will do the rest!