Vinswer rules.
Last night in Vicenza, the Associazione Progetto Marzotto in collaboration with MTB, proclaimed Vinswer as the winner of the Gaetano Marzotto prize (hi-tech / international).

Vinswer provides a marketplace where professionals can sell their by-the-minute service to a relevant community.
Where’s the beauty of it? Publishers can embed the service for free in minutes.
Think at an Adsense where, instead of text ads, publishers can earn significant revenue from B2C transactions… and with a better rev share plan.
The market can be enormous, the size of the infinite professional services that human beings can sell online.
Could be professional services by the minute (lawyers , designers, architects) but also, more importantly, regular folks with an interest and a talent, that can earn a few bucks in their spare time. How many Americans would love to learn Italian from a mother tongue on line or would appreciate some suggestions on how to furnish their home with taste from an Italian “interior designer”? How about cooking class?
Vinswer provides a community and a tachymeter (video, mobile or whatever).
Examples? Here’s an initial implementation within the Bakeca website.
Congrats to the co-founders of Vinswer.
We’ll be providing 4 months of full incubation, here at the Gym.
Get your ticket ready, we can’t wait to see you in the Bay area šŸ˜‰