It’s true. We are IENE inside.

Following last night’s airing of the Iene’s special on the brain-drain in Italy, we finally showed our true self. For the few that don’t know IENE (Italian for hyenas), they are the investigative reporting news show.
When Lucci contacted us (via Loris Degioanni), it wasn’t quite clear what kind of cut he wanted to give to the topic.
What highly controversial story did they want to build around us?
Truth being told, both Loris and I were quite apprehensive to be devoured by “the hyenas” we all grew up with.
Now, the day after, it’s all clear.
The hundreds of emails, messages, facebook/linkedin connections we received within the few hours after the show, really made it clear.
We posted some of those on our blog on Corriere.
The truth is that in Italy there’s a whole world in the 20-something generation (but not only) that today is in pain.
Their well expressed messages are a clear request for help: to have the opportunity to make a difference, to feel appreciated or, sometimes, just to express their dismay about their future.
Nothing to ask really, mostly the need to talk to “an entity” that could feel their pain.
For us, being identified with that role is not only flattering. It’s our life juice. It’s what gets us going. It’s an honour and a privilege.