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Japanese Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley – the new Report

Launch of the brand-new “Japanese Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley” Report written by Mind the Bridge with the support of Jetro, during a digital event with the CEO of Mind the Bridge Marco Marinucci and the Executive Director at JETRO San Francisco Noriya Tarutani, both LIVE from San Francisco. Japan is once again the country that has by far the largest presence of corporations in the Bay Area.

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Marco Marinucci (MtB) interviews Marco Marinucci (Hella) | Mind the Chat

In this Mind the Chat, MtB CEO Marco Marinucci meets his homonym leading Hella Ventures, the CVC arm of Hella, the 100+ yrs old German company made famous by its iconic lights for sport cars, now leader in lidar and radar technology (key components in self driving cars) among other things.

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Present and Future of Accelerators | Mind the Chat with Aaron Blumenthal (500 Startups)

We spend some time with another undiscussed trend-setter among seed accelerators: 500 Startups has become one of the most prolific seed investors in the world (~2500 investments) with a strong international footprint. In this Mind the Chat, Marco Marinucci meets its Director of Global Portfolio Services, Aaron Blumenthal.

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Why Science and Spirituality will merge | Mind the Chat with Federico Faggin

In this Mind the Chat, Marco Marinucci meets Federico Faggin. Not an ordinary Silicon Valley entrepreneur, nor an ordinary physicist nor "ordinary inventor" - his material achievements in physics, electronics and, generally speaking, our lives (just think microprocessor and touchscreen) are countless - but even in the range of extra-ordinary, he might be off the chart. In this chat, they focus on his current field of focus: study the nature of consciousness, as a direct consequence of an extra-corporeal experience experience he had in 1989.

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Why Open Innovation (for Corporates) is like playing poker – CIO Talk

Exclusive panel with the Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) of 3 large multinationals: Enel (Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer), Sodexo (Belen Moscoso del Prado, Group Chief Digital and Innovation Officer), Iberdrola (Agustin Delgado, Chief Innovation and Sustainability Officer).hosted during last Scaleup Summit in Madrid.

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