One of the main issues Corporate Venture Capital units (CVCs) face is creating connections between the portfolio companies and the corporate business units. Theoretically, a CVC runs also scouting for its parent company. They scout hundreds of startups per year and create connections. However, most of the time, the corporate business units are not able to benefit from such activities.

As well as the portfolio companies are not able to fully exploit the business opportunities their corporate investor might offer to them. Why that? There are multiple reasons. We discussed the topic during our last Scaleup Summit at the Bolsa Madrid with some of the global key CVCs (Shell, Robert Bosch, Telefonica, Amadeus, MAPFRE).

Here above you can find the video recording of the panel discussion moderated by our friend Martin Haemmig.

A lot of insights both for corporates and startups. Pretty sure you will enjoy.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Talk

1:00 What are the key Innovation Layers?
2:00 Global Driven R&D Footprint
3:00 Most Critical Resources required by Startups
3:32 Startups need different partners for different needs
4:32 Main reasons Startups work with a CVC
5:10 Startups’ Perception of Smart Capital
5:56 CVC rated by Startups
8:36 The CVC bottleneck: portfolio support
10:30 Top critical issues for CVC units
11:27 CVC Talk (Amadeus Ventures, Shell Ventures, RBVC, Telefonica Ventures, Mapfre)
13:21 Intro: Josep Celaya González, Global Head of Transformation, MAPFRE
13:50 Intro: Guenia Gawendo, Managing Director, Telefonica Innovation Ventures
15:07 Intro: Sabrina Jones, Strategic Partnerships and Open Innovation, Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC)
16:30 Intro: Michiel Van Haersma Buma, Senior Implementation Manager, Shell Ventures
17:30 Intro: Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures, Amadeus IT Group
19:30 CVC Structures and Roles
32:00 How CVC deliver value to portfolio companies
36:00 Top management of Corporates vs Startups
39:00 Speed, speed, speed…
42:00 POCs vs Long Term Contracts
45:00 What are the KPIs for a CVC
53:00 Failure Stories