Demystifying ICOs/Cryptocurrencies Regulations with Monette Stephens, Head of Corporate Development, TokenSoft [MTB Podcast]

On this episode, Monette Stephens (@monettems) stops by to talk in details about token sales, security and compliance. What is the impact for the entrepreneurs behind the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)? How is TokenSoft playing in this environment? Are there any differences in compliance between EU and in US? What’s the motivation on the entrepreneurs side to work with TokenSoft? What are the geographic implications of ICOs regarding the move to another country to raise capital?

Monette got her bachelors and masters degree from the University of California Santa Barbara in computer science and then turned has an adjunct professor at UCSB for 8 years before becoming CTO of her first technology company. Monette has been served as CEO at SF growth labs and as mentor at Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.

Today she heads the corporate development at TokenSoft which is a white-label SaaS token sale platform to provide the tools necessary to run a secure and compliant token sale.

Join the European Innovation Day (Sep 11th, 2018) to hear more from Monette and many other experts about ICOs/Cryptos Regulations: