Inside ICOs & Blockchain for Entrepreneurs, Policymakers and Nations with Adam Sterling

Adam Sterling (@adambsterling) is the first ever guest on our Mind the Bridge podcast. Adam is an ICO & Blockchain extraordinaire who is the Executive Director of Berkeley Center for Law and Business at the University of California Berkeley.

If you are not yet familiar with Adam, he is an innovative academic who created one of the first blockchain programs in higher education across the globe. Adam’s writing and work have appeared extensively in the press; including contributions to the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and NPR. Berkeley’s pioneering blockchain program has created such a storm for both students, entrepreneurs, ventral capitalists and academics alike, that it was covered on the front page of the New York Times earlier this year.

In this episode, we tackle what blockchain really is, how it is disrupting the venture capital market and what it means for entrepreneurs, policymakers and nations alike across the world. I hope you enjoy this insightful conversation with Adam.

Join the European Innovation Day (Sep 11th, 2018) to hear more from Adam and many other experts about ICOs/Cryptos Regulations: