The National Association of Insurance Companies (ANIA) will act as a technological and business models trend spotter for the entire Italian insurance sector

ANIA, the Italian National Association of Insurance Companies, has activated a privileged point of connection within the Mind the Bridge Innovation Center in San Francisco, as announced at the Opening session of the Scaleup Summit in Silicon Valley. 

The goal is – with the support of Mind the Bridge – to identify and direct the innovative trends that impact the insurance sector and stimulate the developments of the technological and digital revolution of insurtech. Said developments cover everything related to the convergence of the markets to the competitive challenges that come from technological giants, as well as new native digital players. or other markets, up to the request of citizens and businesses for integrated, cross-sector and increasingly advanced services.

‘Innovation’ is the keyword that continues to guide the strategies and investments of the insurance industry and which represents the distinctive lever to better address the post-pandemic challenges. For this reason, ANIA decided to launch an outpost in one of the most advanced ecosystems of the innovation world which, together with Israel, the UK and Singapore, is driving the fintech and insurtech revolution.

All the largest internationally recognized companies, as well as numerous government agencies, have set up an Innovation Outpost in these innovation hubs in order to enjoy a privileged observatory on emerging technologies that would be later applied to the markets of origin.

In recent years ANIA has moved with great proactivity and in advance on identifying and addressing the challenges and opportunities of innovation in the insurance sector, with a strong focus on new products / services offered by the companies but also on the necessary regulatory changes and development of systematic solution in the field of prevention, protection and mobility. The goal we have set ourselves is to intercept market trends and stimulate the translation of the great opportunities offered by technology into insurance system solutions that support citizens, families and businesses, always placing environmental, social and economic sustainability at the forefront. The decision to activate a privileged connection point in Silicon Valley represents a further step in this direction, in order to increase and make even more solid awareness of the role and direction of innovation in the insurance sector as well as to identify all the points of connection and synergy with the EU Next Generation Plan currently being implemented in Italy and Europe. Our aim is to increasingly address innovative and technological trends that can give the insurance system a further stimulus to innovate services, starting with those related to mobility, health, real estate and agri-tech. All in a logic of sustainable innovation and in the interest of the country, citizens and businesses.” – commented Maria Bianca Farina, President of ANIA.

“Silicon Valley represents the global epicenter of innovation. It is no coincidence that all the major world companies have set up an innovation outpost and with them more and more countries and government agencies. Our latest analysis shows that there are 59 innovation outposts attributable to public entities. The choice of ANIA is part of this trend and can act as a flywheel of innovation for the entire Italian insurance sector – commented Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind the Bridge ”