Sabrina Ross (@sabrinaross) and Eliott Behar (@eliottbehar) have had a busy year than most thanks to GDPR. Both Sabrina and Eliott are world-class privacy security experts in their own right. The pair met during their time at Apple as Privacy and Security Counsels in Cupertino. Since then, Sabrina nearly spent three years as Uber’s Legal Director helping the $51B transportation company navigate privacy issues as it scaled internationally (e.g. GDPR Compliance) while Eliott returned to his native hometown of Toronto to consult for top corporations on matters of cybersecurity, privacy, crisis response, and domestic and international crime.

In this episode, we get to grips with the origins of GDPR (e.g. where did it come from and why), what impact – good and bad – it will have on the global economy, how companies can better build trust with consumers in this digital-first world and what is next for the world of privacy regulation in both the USA and Europe. You won’t want to miss this oustanding discussion. Enjoy! Join the European Innovation Day (Sep 11th, 2018) to hear more from Adam and many other experts about ICOs/Cryptos Regulations: