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Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley – 2020 Report

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The flow of large corporates1 setting their own innovation outpost in Silicon Valley is in continued acceleration. And so are the models and methodologies used by such units. While is undoubtful that the COVID-19 epidemic has had some effects on the medium term commitment of such outposts (we do have counted a few “retreats” of Innovation Antennas as a result of budget cuts), for the most part data shows that both the number and the size of such units is experiencing a steady growth.

Japanese Corporate Innovation in Silicon Valley – 2020 Report

By |2021-09-27T09:46:37+02:00May 21st, 2020|Innovation Outposts, Main publications, Research|

While reviewing the presence of corporate innovation outposts of the largest companies in the world in Silicon Valley in 2019, two major insights became clear: • Japan is the country that has by far the largest presence of corporations in the Bay Area, • Japan is the country where a significant chunk of capital deployed in Silicon Valley is originated. Understanding better the dynamics of these 2 trends has been the main driving force for this report.

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