Mind the Chat with Siobhan Clarke (BP Launchpad) and Mike Capper (VYVE)

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Its mission is to build five billion-dollar businesses which tackle the dual energy challenge by 2025. This is Launchpad, the BP’s business-builder and scale-up factory. Watch the LIVE for getting a deep-dive into the BP Launchpad model.

How to approach the Energy Challenge | Mind the Chat with Shell Ventures

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We are moving from a world where Oil&Gas crowded the top Fortune 500 list to a much more uncertain future. Marco Marinucci discusses about it with Kirk Coburn (Investment Director) and Giancarlo Savini (Implementation Manager) of Shell Ventures, one of the most active CVCs in the Oil&Gas industry, already in the business of helping redesign the future of its industry.

What’s Shaking in the Scaleup Landscape?

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Mind the Bridge summarizes the most interesting emerging trends they tracked during the last fully-digital version of the Scaleup Summit they were supposed to host physically in London: 55 cherry-picked scaleups they shortlisted to foster innovation and collaboration with corporate clients you should know.

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