Mind the Chat with Irene Gomez – Wayra Telefónica

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Telefónica is among those few companies that innovate innovation. Mind the Bridge Chairman, Alberto Onetti, shared a Mind the Chat with Irene Gomez, Director of Connected Open Innovation for Telefónica and Wayra, to understand the results of this 10-year effort, and the future directions undertaken by the Group, that - not surprisingly - continue to put Telefónica in the forefront of corporate innovation practices.

Mind the Chat with Wouter Stammeijer – KPN

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In this Mind the Chat, Alberto Onetti sat down with Wouter Stammeijer, Chief Strategy Officer at KPN. KPN is a major dutch telecom company in the Netherlands. During the conversation, they covered multiple areas of activities that KPN undertakes in the world of startups such as startup acceleration, procurement activities, investments, and the KPIs that KPN tracks.

Mind the Chat with Michael Webber – Engie

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In this Mind the Chat, Alberto Onetti sat down with Michael Webber, Chief Science & Technology Officer at Engie, recently awarded among the Top25 2020 global Corporate Startup Star. They went through the overall group approach to innovation, ranging from intrapreneurship (Innovation Trophies) and Scouting (Innovation Ecosystems) to Venture Building (New Business Factory) and Investments (Engie New Ventures CVC fund).

Eppur si muove: 50 nuove scaleup in Italia nel 2020

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I dati del nuovo report “Tech Scaleup Italy 2020”, realizzato da Mind the Bridge in collaborazione con AWS, raccontano di un ecosistema scaleup che continua a svilupparsi e a migliorare nel nostro paese, seppur a ritmo sostenuto e con un ritardo ancora significativo rispetto ai principali ecosistemi del mondo.

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