GYM: launch of the 1st Presentation Skills module, Milano

It’s official.Starting in October, we’ll be launching the first series of the MTB GYM training modules in Italy. We start with what we believe is the most underestimated skill for Italian startups: presentation skills. We’ll be flying directly from the Silicon Valley Elisabetta Ghisini, a top notch professional in the field (more info in the […]

The Gym in Milano. The Italian start-up scene is moving!

Thursday, September the 17th in Milano, The Gym presentation in Milano have gathered a full auditorium of entrapreneurs, students, journalists. We have listened to the foreword of Carol Perez, consul general general of the Us government in Italy, we have enjoyed the brilliant visual show of Roberto Bonzio and his fascinating study on the Italians […]

Don’t miss the MTB Gym presentation in Milan

On Thursday, September 17th, we will present the MTB Gymnasium. The Gym , in short, is our startup school, where we will help Italian entrepreneurs with global dreams to make them real. Now that we have a team in Italy, we have definitively more bandwidth for supporting people to “mind the bridge”.The project will be […]

Milan's (and Italy's) first Startup Night

Yesterday night, Mikamai hosted the first ever Startup Night in its Milan offices.More than 100 people showed up and it turned out to be a really great event. We drove from Rome just to attend and meet the best and brightest of the newly-built italian tech scene. There where a lot of different participants: students, […]

Winners of the first selection for 2009

After spending a few weeks working on it, our selection committee has finally completed its effort. Selecting the best business plans has been a challenge, because the quality of the companies is quite high, better than any other previous Mind the Bridge (which is a great sign). Below, you find the list of the startup […]

MtB 2009 – last week for the business plans!!

As you might know, the deadline for submitting your business plan for the 2009 Mind the Bridge competition is August 25th. Very close. Next Tuesday. Time to act! For those out there still thinking “should I do it, should I do it?”, let me add a piece of advice. Even if you are not thinking […]

Save the Date: Venture Camp @ Corriere

We do what we do because we genuinely believe that our activity can have a relevant social and economic impact in Italy. To spread the word and the insights of our outstanding network, we have always been striving to find the right media partner. Today we are happy to announce that our media partner is […]

Mind the Bridge Social Club!

I’m glad to announce that Mind the Bridge now has a new Facebook Fan Page (thank you, 49 enthusiasts that joined us in the first 18 hours!) and a LinkedIn group. If you believe in our mission, you are more than welcome to join and help us to spread the “connecting talent” idea, by talking […]