The Gym starts in Milan (Sep 17)

We announced sometime ago our plan for the MTB Gymnasium. The Gym, in short, is the space (virtual and physical) in Silicon Valley, where Italian entrepreneurs with global dreams, can build their muscles. The project will be presented in Milan (Sep 17th) by one of our most active partners in Italy, the Politecnico di Milano […]

The Open Source Innovation Backbone for Startups

Guest post by Roberto GaloppiniOpen innovation is taking over in many areas, and open source plays an important role especially in software sequential innovation, where each successive invention builds in an essential way on its predecessors. Foremost, for the most of us before anything else software (open source included) is a tool towards a goal. […]

Introducing MTB ITALIA

This has been my most important personal objective in the last several months as head of the foundation. Now, after a long selection process, it’s with real pleasure that I announce the launch of our Italy based operations. Here’s the team (from left to right):  – Alberto Onetti, chair  – Massimo Carraro, communication  – Tito Costa, dir. of […]

David H. Thorne, Ambassador-Designate to Italy, speaks.

On July 16th, Mr. David H.Thorne, the ambassador-designate to Italy, gave a speech describing is vision of the relationship between the two countries. Hi speech covers a variety of topics spanning from his personal history (he lived 20 years in Italy) and his passion for soccer, to more serious issues such as geopolitics and international […]

Celebrating the european startup community

On July 9th I flew to London to attend the Europas, the awards hosted by TechCrunch Europe. Let me just say it was a huge success. All of the most important, successful and influencial people in the european tech scene where in the same room exchanging ideas, feedback and (hopefully) capital. I met people from […]

Ready to Crunch?

…and here it comes our TechCrunch time.It’s been sometime (over 4 years) since the Silicon Valley Tech Crunch has become a sort of a bible in specific environments (technology startups and investments)Its power has been increasing at such a fast pace that today it can create (or destroy) the dreams of most of the startups […]


I often thought that it would be cool to have a magazine focused on the bridges between US and Italy. Well, not too long ago Marco Pratellesi (head of introduced me to the new born FELLOW Magazine, a dual-language magazine on topics of Italian-American interests. And in their second issue, here’s an interview I […]

Pitfalls and challenges in business plan writing

This article, appeared on the Wall Street Journal’s website, covers some interesting points that anyone writing a business plan should be aware of. The article begins by describing three core elements of a good business plan: The logical statement of a problem and its solution. Hard evidence supporting the previous. Candor and awareness about the […]

Mind The Bridge at Roma III, June 13th

Guest post by Augusto Coppola, ERIS4. At the University Roma III of Rome there is an interesting and increasing number of initiatives aiming to fill the gap between the Italian academic world and the new emerging industrial eco-system made of a number of national companies no longer interested in making business on the small regional […]

H-Farm, farming humans better than Google

I’m just back from 2 full months in Europe, something that I hadn’t done since 2001.In particular, I spent most of June in Italy.Of the thousands stereotypes that we hear about Italy, 2 resonated particularly with me in this trip:1: what happened to the young people? and2: oh my God, exceptional average food quality really […]