Scaling Manager Program. Mind the Bridge with S² Bridge: Incheon [English &한국어]

The Scaling Manager is a new role risen from the need to accompany startups in their scale-up journey. Mind the Bridge implemented this model with S² Bridge: Incheon, a #startup accelerating platform operated by Shinhan Financial Group Co., Ltd. in order to run a Global Market Entry Program for 5 highly selected Korean startups. Each of them was assigned a Scaling Manager from Mind the Bridge.

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Mind the Chat with Alexa Gorman – SAP, SAP.iO

In this Mind the Chat, we sit down with Alexa Gorman, SVP and head of SAP.iO foundries in EMEA, to cover the multiple areas of activities that SAP undertakes in the world of startups, namely SAP.iO, Sapphire Ventures, SAP’s Intrapreneurship program - SAP.iO Venture Studio, and the University Alliances. We took a deep dive into the structure of the SAP.iO, its Foundries, and the growing number of SAP’s innovation outposts around the world.

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Mastercard, Bosch Group, BP are the World Stars in Open Innovation

For the fifth year running, startups have been asked to nominate the most active corporates in open innovation, this time at global level, thanks to the partnership between Mind the Bridge and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). In total, 50 companies from all over the world have been awarded: 25 as Corporate Startup Stars - with Mastercard (first), Bosch Group (second) and BP (third) securing the podium - and 25 companies named Open Innovation Challengers.

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Spanish Scaleup Growth won’t be stopped by Covid-19

According to the very last Report issued by Mind the Bridge and Acciona “Tech Scaleup Spain 2020”, Spanish tech scaleup ecosystem shouldn’t be seeing its growth trend reverted by Covid-19. The country should close the year slightly below the 1 billion mark in new funding and with about 40 new scaleups.

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MTB’s Must-Watch US Scaleup list: Artificial Intelligence

In this age of AI, it is amazing to see the variety of products and services that startups are delivering to different industries. As part of our advisory activities at Mind the Bridge, we are continuously looking for the most innovative startups around the world that fit the verticals we focus on. This shortlist focuses on North American startups that according to us are worthy to be tracked.

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What’s Shaking in the Scaleup Landscape?

One of the outcomes of the "Digital Scaleup Summit in Silicon Valley" 2020, held by Mind the Bridge at the end of September, was the 100+ cherry-picked scaleups that they shortlisted to foster innovation and collaboration with our corporate clients. Here they summarize the most interesting emerging trends that they tracked.

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Open Innovation Italy. È il tempo del fare

Per le aziende italiane è arrivato il momento di accelerare in maniera significativa, adottando approcci di open innovation più ambiziosi con una visione meno locale e più internazionale. Questo il messaggio principale contenuto nel nuovo Report “Open Innovation Outlook Italy 2021” realizzato da Mind the Bridge con il supporto di SMAU.

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ICC and United Nations launched Centre of Entrepreneurship in Beirut to support small businesses and startups in the Arab region

ICC and ESCWA have launched the ICC-ESCWA Centre of Entrepreneurship in Beirut to support small businesses and startups in the Arab region, with the support of Berytech, Beirut’s start-up incubator; Facebook, the social media platform; Mind the Bridge, the global innovation advisory firm; and Pearson, the educational provider. The Centre will serve as a platform to scale globally the most successful local and regional entrepreneurial initiatives.

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ICC and Mind the Bridge to launch the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship in Ghana

ICC and Mind the Bridge unveil the plan to launch the ICC Centre of Entrepreneurship in Accra (Ghana). Alberto Onetti, Chairman at Mind the Bridge, sits down with Valentina Mintah, Executive Board Member of ICC and founder and former CEO of West Blue Consulting, and Julian Kassum, ICC Global Partnerships & Development Director. Together they discuss the benefits for Ghana and the region of implementing some of the most successful MtB capacity-building programs through the ICC Centres of Entrepreneurship.

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Mind the Chat with Willem Jonker – EIT Digital

During this Mind the Chat, Mind the Bridge’s CEO Marco Marinucci briefly retraces together with Willem the history of this organization (numbers, grand plans, the “Governing board” and new members). He then goes on to ask him about programs, latest studies, success stories (and ways to measure it - read KPIs), the Silicon Valley Hub and EIT Digital support to startups during COVD19. Finally, they address the issue of the role and opportunities of EU applied research and Impact of the EU Green Deal in EU-based innovation competitiveness.

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